DOLAN BRAND was founded by two passionate representatives of Kalmyk nation, whose endeavor is to preserve the traditions of national costume and bring it to everyday use. Inspired by rich culture and surprising history of their small nation they create the garments based on authentic ornaments&embroidery + only natural fabrics.

Kalmyk Republic is an unknown Asian Buddhist oasis in the South-Eastern part of Europe:

Several tribes made all the way from Western Mongolia to the Volga River in the 17th century, settling down and starting a new life in completely different environment.

Becoming a part of another country Kalmyks managed to save the nomadic meaningful patterns and ancient embroidery techniques, which we are more than happy to share with the whole world!

If translated from Kalmyk language "dolan" means "seven" - sacred number, which is widely used in Kalmyk Buddhist tradition. Let it bring the best of luck and prosperity to people around the globe, supporters and soul-mates of the brand!

The brand philosophy embraces the lifestyle of modern nomads who live in concrete jungles and nevertheless manage to gain the peace of mind, harmony and consciousness due to the cultural connection with their own traditions and identity.

Our clients live with their eyes wide open – to see and perceive the surrounding beauty. They trust the universe and accept changes, they are here and now – keeping in mind a difference which a single person could make. Through the cultural prism they obtain the spiritual power, support and find their own way.